Zion Rock Climbing

No experience necessary.  Surprise yourself with what you are able to do with an experienced guide.

The Rock Climbing areas of southwest Utah offer some of the best entry-level climbing in the United States.  First time climbers consistently surprise themselves on the steep and featured rock. We offer a full range of options from single-pitch beginner, multi-pitch advance, and instructional courses.

Guided Rock Climbing Options

 Half-Day 4-5 hours         Full-Day 7-9 hours         Advanced 9+ hours
 Not sure what trip would be the best for you and your party?  Contact us for more information.

Interested in learning how to rock climbing on your own? We offer instructional rock climbing courses for those that would like to understand the safety systems behind this rapidly growing sport. Climbing is not an adrenalin fueled risk takers sport as commonly perceived but a calculated exploration of the vertical world.

Guided Rock Climbing in Zion National Park is currently not permitted.  Red Desert Adventure holds permits to climbing areas outside the boundaries of Zion National Park. Rock Climbing in Zion National Park must be done as a private party. Permits are required only if the climbers intend to spend the night on the route.  Zion-NPS-Back-Country-Information